I am a huge Beatles fan. I remember listening to them on WGH and WNOR, and then seeing them on Ed Sullivan in February 1964 as they lead the “British Invasion”. They stood out. Their clothes, hair, and music were different. It was a magical time for me.
In the last few years, I have gone to several Paul McCartney concerts. They are always great, and I was not surprised at the diversity in the crowd. People of all ages seemed to respond to the music. Even my father, who early on could be heard saying, “Turn that crap down” is a big fan.
One of the main reasons is that they were always changing. The Beatles evolved, in their writing, style, and presentation, because their audience and the world was changing around them. There is a huge difference between “She Loves You” and “Across the Universe”. The Beatles kept changing and getting better to meet the needs of their fans and sometimes as in “Sgt Pepper”, go right past them.
Business is like that as well. You do not need to change your hairstyle or clothes, just the music you are playing. You must know your customer and anticipate what they want and need. Show them you understand these needs and can help them. Then, take them by hand through the process. They need to feel this connection from your branding and promotion. They need to think, “This is the guy I want”!
By setting yourself apart, you can help your business grow. This takes communication, trust-building, and performance. We can help with that communication and help you build trust and allow you to deliver to more customers. So, ask yourself, are you like a good cover band in your profession, or are you the Beatles?
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