It takes more people than you might think to make a quality production. Just watch the movie or TV show credits sometimes, you will be amazed. The other night I was watching a documentary on the filming of a TV show that I have watched for a while on the History Channel. The show is “The Curse of Oak Island” during the show, they showed how the crew worked to record the show. They said that they had a constant crew of 62 people. I didn’t think the island was big enough to hold that many (LOL). The crew does an amazing job of staying off-camera and still providing full coverage with great production values.
That is just one example, but there are many unsung heroes in productions both national and local. In our productions, for example, we have used both on camera and off camera actors, voice-over artists, and spokespersons. Most of the time it is just what the project needs. Good talent with the right tone and delivery can make a world of difference. Remember:
Luke: “You killed my father”
Vader: “No, I am your father”
Luke: Nooooooooooo!!!!!
Now instead of James Earl Jones Voice imagine it with Pee Wee Herman’s voice. Luke might still yell no, but for different reasons.
Over the years, I have had clients that say, “I know a guy with a great voice” or “I know this good-looking girl that would be a perfect spokesperson.” Well maybe, but most of the time, trying to use those people does not work out well because it is lacking a missing ingredient that they are forgetting. It takes talent! It is harder to do than it looks.
Last week, I was watching a movie on Amazon Prime and there was our spokesperson Kera O’Bryon with one of the lead roles. The movie was “Mary 4 Mayor”. I have known Kera for decades and she has appeared in many promos for not only us but our clients as well. Kera is incredibly talented, she can not only act and is a one-take-wonder with a teleprompter, but she can sing as well. In fact, she can be found singing around Hampton Roads (17th st stage, The Hilton etc.) at different venues and she starred in local productions of “Mamma Mia” and “Hello Dolly” too.
The best thing about working with Kera besides her professionalism is that she is really a nice person. We spend more time before or after a shoot just talking, than we do in the production. I highly recommend her as a spokesperson and actress. She is local and you can check her out at: