Books By Rory M. Graham

About The Author

Rory Graham is a video producer and marketer with 39 years of experience and the owner of Allied Video Services. His passion is to find creative solutions to help his clients succeed in attracting, converting, and communicating with their prospects.

He is the creator and producer of “Hampton Roads Business Live” an online interview show that interviewed more than 400 local successful business owners in Hampton Roads.

Rory is the author of several books, including “Did I Tell You I Love You Today?” and Finding Light in The Darkness.”

He is a business speaker and trainer who has helped over 300 entrepreneurs open their own production companies across the United States.

Rory is very involved in community causes, including the American Red Cross, Union Mission, the American Parkinson Disease Association, and others.

Rory has two sons and lives in Chesapeake, VA.