One of the perks of being in the video business is being involved with many different companies. By working with each, you learn a lot that you just did not know or never really thought about. This was the case with a client in Norfolk, VA that we were shooting a safety video last month. The client is Titan America, and its core product is cement. In researching for the safety script, I learned a lot about transporting cement. Here are a few facts that I found interesting.
  • Rollovers are the largest danger with these trucks.
  • The trucks weigh 70,000 lbs. when loaded.
  • The load gives the truck a high center of gravity.
  • The load is always moving which makes it unstable.
  • On a 90 degree turn, a truck can begin to tip at 12 MPH and Rollover at 15
  • On exit ramps, it can begin to tip at 25 mph and roll over at 27.
It takes a very experienced and professional driver to maintain control of these vehicles. So the next time you encounter one, give them a little room and a lot of respect, I know I will.