One of the services that we have offered since 1984 is film transfers. That is transferring old movie film such as 16mm, 8mm or Super 8mm to the latest format. When we started the service, that format was VHS. Today it is a digital mp4 file on a thumb drive.

Maybe you are the keeper of your family’s old films and have them stored away somewhere, never to be seen again. Maybe you even had them transferred years ago to an old format like VHS. We have had people bring us their family films in just about every condition that you can think of. This includes film that was not even on a reel.

The joy of these services is being able to preserve some long-forgotten family memories so that they can be viewed and shared for generations to come. The worst part is having some film that is in such bad shape, that we cannot even run it. This happens when the film melts. We do all that we can to save every foot, but sometimes it is just not possible. It is painful to watch people in that situation realize all the memories that they have lost.

Last year we invested in new transfer equipment to take our transfers to the next level. In fact, the system that we now use is the same one used by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to transfer Hollywood movies. This unit scans each frame of film at 3K resolution and allows us to bring your movies back to you in high definition. This gives you the highest quality transfer possible with better color, detail, resolution, and larger frame size than ever before. The results have been very well received.

Transferring memories to a digital format that can be saved, duplicated, shared, streamed, and edited is just a smart thing to do.

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