Technology is great and can certainly make our lives a lot easier,
when it works. When it does not, or at least not as we expected, it can be frustrating and sometimes embarrassing. My favorite “technology gone astray” moment was in the 1990s. My flight to Rochester, NY landed, and there to pick me up was the owner of the company that I was teaching for. I had been teaching groups of new affiliates the video production business in 3-day seminars every other month for a year or two.
As I walked outside at the airport, I was met by, let’s just call him Steve, in his new sports car. I believe it was an Acura NSX. I jumped in and he could not wait to show me the car telephone. Steve was all excited because it was voice-controlled. He said, “Let me show you, I’ll call my wife.” as he began the demonstration of the amazing technology.
Steve: “Phone”
Car: “Ready”
Steve: “Call Julie”
Car: “I’m sorry I did not get that”
Steve (annoyed and a little louder) “Call Julie!”
Car: “I’m sorry I did not get that”
Steve (Yelling Now): “CALL JULIEEE!!!!”
Car: “I’m sorry I did not get that”
Steve (Clearly fed up and embarrassed) he yelled at the dashboard: “Jackass!”
Me: Oh, is it going to call you now?
I work in a technology-filled business that is constantly changing. To give you an idea, here are the formats that we have been invested in over the years in both cameras and editing equipment. VHS, S-VHS, Betacam SP, DVCAM, Mini DV, HDV, HD, and now 4k. It can be expensive and challenging at times, especially when the product is not ready for primetime. But with the right tools, you can do some amazing things.
The level of quality that is produced by this technology today is amazing. Our studio is now featuring three 4K cameras and editing. We can help your company connect and stand out with “News Style Interviews”, FAQ videos, “Ask the Expert” videos, webinars, full broadcast shows, and multi-cam productions. Give us a call at 757-271-8687 to discuss your needs.