I always tell my clients that I can do whatever they want, but I will always tell them what I think. I say this because, after working with hundreds of businesses, many times I have seen this scenario before and know that it will not play out as they expect. Sometimes I can offer a new perspective or a better way of proceeding. What I have learned, however, is to do so at the proper time and when my opinion is wanted.
In 1982 my wife and I went to see “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It is a great movie and as we quickly found out a bit of an emotional ride. As we watched the movie we got to the part where the government medical staff were trying to save ET and Elliot. Apparently, they were mentally linked and in bad shape. Eventually, they unlinked and Elliot began to recover calling for ET to “Stay and Don’t Go”. ET looked pretty bad, and the doctor clarified the scene by saying “Elliot is recovering, but we are losing ET”. Well as we all know now, eventually ET flatlined. The flowers wilted and alarms rang. Steven Spielberg’s storytelling is pure genius!
There was silence in the theater. My wife’s grip on my hand was still pretty tight and I looked over to see tears running down her face. I could see she was upset, so I tried to help by saying,
“He can’t be dead yet; the movie has another 30 minutes!”
Let’s just say that was not helpful.
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