Zig Ziglar once wrote in one of his books about a little girl getting on a jet plane for the first time. As she boarded, she looked down the aisle at all the seats and the massive cabin. With wide-eyed astonishment, she said, “Wow!” That is what he called a “Wow Experience”. Do you provide a “Wow Experience” for your customers? If you do, how often?
We try to give our clients both consumers and corporate more than they were expecting with each and every transaction.
For example, with our corporate clients, we offer not just a zoom-type interview, but a news-style internet interview. It looks professional and offers 3rd party credibility for their business. We also offer a 3-camera virtual set shoot, if they are local and prefer to come in. Over 300 local businesses have done so to promote their business.
For our consumer clients, we offer a variety of services. One of them is film transfers of old movie films to a digital format. It is not just a film transfer service, but one that scans every frame in HD for the best possible transfer of color, detail, and at a high resolution. We also add background music to it at no extra charge. Then as an additional bonus, we give each customer access to a free editing software download and a special video course that we produced on how to edit their new videos.
These are a few examples of how we make the effort to “wow” the customer each time. It is a pleasurable thing when you get more than you expected, but it is even more rewarding to give that experience to others.